Goldfish works with biotechnology companies, service providers, CROs, and suppliers of life science tools, reagents, and equipment who sell to scientists and researchers in academic institutions, non-profit research organizations, and industrial biopharma companies.

“What I’ve been super impressed about is the depth and quality of the analyses, and the speed in which you’ve done it. We are almost entirely aligned in terms of your thinking and how you view the opportunity. I’ve been really amazed with the product that you’ve generated. Thank you very much for doing that so quickly.” MKD – Biodesy
“You did a great job. It’s a lot of information you consolidated, and you organized it really well. It gives us a lot to chew on. I think it’s very close to what we were hoping we’d get in terms of the survey and the secondary data that is available, without having to spend a ton of money to buy a bunch of reports and come away with wondering whether they were worth the money. You did exactly what we were hoping you would do.” LC – AllCells, LLC
“Our experience in developing a brand platform with Amy was great. Amy has deep expertise in the biotech industry and was able to frame and execute on an extremely effective consulting program with results that were thoroughly researched and documented. I highly recommend Amy for her work in branding and message development for our business.” MD – Life Technologies
“I really like the overall look and it was very helpful to see a fresh approach to telling the story. I think this is looking really good and appreciate the great work!” JPG – Archeus
“I wanted to send you a note about your write-ups for the various meetings that SDEE has sponsored. I couldn’t attend the recent one on Regulatory Affairs, but your write up about it was fantastic! So I read a few more of your write-ups via the SDEE website and I have to say I was impressed – both on the style side and in terms of delivering the key messages. Kudos. Thank you for taking the time to do those write-ups for SDEE and YES we are reading them and YES they are very well done.” HS – SDEE Member

Amy Duncan
Founder and Chief Marketing Consultant
Life Science Marketing Consultant
Goldfish Consulting, Inc.