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John J. Gardner

Certified Financial Planner

John J. Gardner is knowledgeable regarding wealth management, equity research, market analysis and more.  Gardner’s career began over twenty years ago as a broker for a prominent multinational investment firm.  

In 1988, Gardner formed several academic organizations including the CPA Law Forum and a proprietary curriculum of continuing financial education for adults. To date, his fully accredited CPA Law Forum has provided continuing education credentials to over 700 CPA’s.

John Gardner is president of Equity Research and Portfolio Evaluation, Inc. (ERPE).  ERPE provides institutional investment research and analysis to Registered Investment Advisors, CPA’s and individual investors. ERPE has developed a proprietary methodology for performing equity market and company-specific research used to execute independent portfolio evaluations services on behalf of individual investors.  

*  John Gardner is a consultant to Valentine Capital Asset Management, Inc. and is not an Investment Advisor Representative and is not affiliated with any broker/dealer. CPA Law Forum and EPRE Inc. are not affiliated with any broker/dealer. 

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