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Seven Steps to a Comfortable Retirement
Re-tire-ment (noun)
  1. Freedom
  2. Maintaining or improving your life-style
  3. Time to enjoy family, friends, and interests.

Valentine Capital Asset Management (VCAM) is dedicated to providing sound financial advice to individuals who are looking forward to a comfortable retirement. VCAM works closely with clients to determine their retirement lifestyle then provides appropriate recommendations and strategies based on our client’s financial needs.

Valentine 7 steps


Step 1 Introduction (click to open)
The first step in achieving a comfortable retirement is the introduction to an advisor, who understands the importance of retirement planning. You and your advisor will gather the proper information necessary for determining the financial strategies to manage your assets.
Step 2 Consultation
The staff at VCAM, in conjunction with several specialists, using our proprietary software evaluate your situation. A complete cash flow and tax analysis (along with recommended strategies) will be developed for your unique situation.
Step 3 Recommendations
Our next consultation provides you with recommendations and a written investment policy. Whether retiring or facing a career change, this information can help you best determine how your retirement funds and family assets should be managed.
Step 4 Fine-tuning
Depending on your retirement date, periodic evaluations and updates will fine tune your individual plan. All of these services are provided to you at no additional cost. We view these services as an investment of our time to ensure smooth transition from your full employment to retirement.
Step 5 Retirement
Upon retirement, VCAM implements your investment plan using low-cost money management systems. This discipline is achieved by using asset allocation models tailored to your needs.
Step 6 Optimization
During retirement, VCAM continually monitors your portfolio and global economics events to optimize your portfolio’s objectives.
Step 7 Evaluation
Your VCAM representative will periodically schedule a meeting with you to analyze and update your portfolio. Your investment portfolio will be evaluated in order to maintain the proper asset allocation model.
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